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Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, … Don’t Buy It?

Richard Says…
When over 70% of soldiers returning from Iraq and Afghanistan say that they wouldn’t care if the person serving beside them on the frontlines was gay or lesbian, and when former Joint Chief of Staff John M Shalikashvili says that the policy is outdated and is no longer applicable, and finally, when tours of duty continue to be extended and our armed forces continue to be stretched beyond acceptable levels, is it not time for this hideous policy to be destroyed?
The only thread still holding it in place is one of self-righteous bigotry, empty rhetoric and outdated perceptions. The recent comments by current Joint Chiefs of Staff, Gen. Peter Pace are typical of the weak foundation that gave birth to and sustains this policy.
Any willing and able person who has the desire to serve their country in the armed services should have the freedom to do so without secrecy or fear of retribution.

Archie Says…
I question the accuracy of the poll taken. MOST of the straight men that I know, and more importantly ALL of the straight military personnel I know, believe that having openly gay men serve will lower troop cohesion. Simply put; the soldiers do not trust a gay man. For the greater good of the (what I believe to be) vast majority, the ban on openly gay men should continue. This is not a debate of who is right or who is wrong. This debate is about whether or not we should place our brave MEN in danger by allowing an open display of something so contrary to most of the male psyche.

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